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Another honey harvest today, around 15 kg at the price of six stings. I'm going to feel a bit shite for the next day or two. One more hive to harvest, it needs a few more weeks to be fully capped. Hard work, but good fun!

MH-, Breakup 

Well, our house became a bit of a safe space for my wife's sister, She's less lonely here and was able to focus on getting some things done and have a bit of a chat. Looks to be the marriage is completely over, she's said there's no coming back from it now.

So, I focus on parenting so my wife can support her sister as needed.

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Anyone have a way to contact Craig Miskell at gitlab? Just had a thought about his tyranny of the clock talk, on the spikes at 45 seconds. Possibly to do with sources synchronized to GPS or TAI time vs UTC. Though that appears to be backwards:

MH-, Breakup 

SIL's husband of 10+ years is very ill mentally, undiagnosed but depressed and has seen trauma in war, and wants to end the marriage. I am completely lost on how to help here :(

Struggling to find motivation on this last day and a half before the holiday shutdown. Not even really looking forward to the break, not like I'll be able to get anything useful done.

And the Sydney outbreak has curtailed our day of plans.

At least I have some new Avalanches to listen to I guess!

New music day! The Avalanches - We Will Always love You. Will be listening tonight!

Is a good place? Worth trying to get an account?

It is illegal to boost this post 

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*grump* why is my mastodon not showing the boost icon? Chrome, Firefox and Edge don't show it, but it seems to be sent? as an inline SVG? Very strange.

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