@greyor I've always enjoyed them, the way it ties in to the right series is well done. The ones after Golan makes his choice are a bit slower, but worth the effort to resolve his questions! (Assuming we're talking Asimov's foundation)

strange policy at Mozilla 

@bookandswordblog See any of the blog articles by Mozilla in recent months:




Mozilla are (falsely) claiming there's some kind of dilemma. That we need to balance the "needs" of advertisers with privacy concerns.

We don't. We don't care one whit if advertisers can't target their ads. The web absolutely does not depend on advertising.

This goes against everything Mozilla claims to stand for.

post time I guess.

I'm a mid to late 30s white guy on palawa land (Longley, Tasmania) in Australia.

I'm on the fediverse to follow my infosec friends, meet new people, learn more about solarpunk, anarchist and adjacent ideas.

I generally don't have much to say but will boost cool stuff.

@jimbob Ah right, same faff as back in Canberra then, hope we'll be ok with a prescription! Vyvanse needs a special one, pharmacy won't honour interstate ones, and not just any paediatric doctor can prescribe apparently, a bit of an ongoing saga for us!

@jimbob is that another thing impossible to get in TAS? Having a lot of trouble with my daughter's vyvanse, son has melatonin, which was a bit of a faff back in Canberra

@tbn97 Ah apologies, further investigation shows I missed a port forwarding rule for gemini in my new network, should work for ipv4 again now!

For other folks living outside the city, how do you deal with being terrorised by ~15cm huntsman's? Do they eventually go away? Will Insecticide keep them away? I do _not_ deal well to waking up with one climbing my arm!

Had a bit of weather yesterday, which has caused a number of power outages over the last 24 hours, shown by proxy in my NTP Pool scores!

@trwnh oh wow, I do the same! For a while I tried writing down these ideas, but in the morning, all I'd written was gibberish :(

I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are.

covid, putting on my dad hat, risk assessment 

Judging by what I'm reading about hospital capacity, and from the local EMT friends my roommate knows, now would really be a good time to practice IRL risk assessment.

Everyone's already made up their minds about covid risk levels and balances, so I won't harass except to say Get Your Boosters Please.

But also:

Cook and clean carefully.

Watch the state of the leftovers you eat.

Don't do anything stupid with electricity, wires, or your space heater.

Consider postponing repairs and projects that need power tools, if you can.

Stay off interstate highways as much as possible.

Watch. Out. For. Ice.

People are already sitting in ERs for *days* at this point. This won't last forever, but it might be a good idea to live like you're made of breakable materials for a few weeks. Because you are. 💜​

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Covid, Christmas 

Covid test came back negative. That's a huge relief! Still sick though, back to bed for me.

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The "29 days on the edge" will take place during the trip to L2 orbit. It will take only 3 days to pass the moon, a quarter of the way there, but it will be a full 30 days before it's come all the way out.


James Webb Space Telescope Launch — Official NASA Broadcast

Watch the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope—the most powerful space telescope ever made. This mission is scheduled to lift off at 7:20 a.m. EST (12:20 UTC), Dec. 25, 2021, aboard an Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana.

With revolutionary technology, Webb will observe a part of space and time never seen before, providing a wealth of amazing views into an era when the very first stars and galaxies formed––over 13.5 billion years ago.

It can explore our own solar system’s residents with exquisite new detail and study the atmospheres of distant worlds. From new forming stars to devouring black holes, Webb will reveal all this and more! It’s the world’s largest and most powerful space telescope ever built.

#UnfoldTheUniverse #JWST #NASA #JamesWebb #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope


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