@ifixcoinops if you can, get a proper desoldering gun, one with a vacuum pump. Makes removing the switches so much easier. I have a fait bit of through hole soldering experience so didn't find the putting on switches part too hard! Getting alignment exactly correct was tricky though 🥺

What do Tassie folks think of Kingston High? Ok, Meh or avoid?

Looks like its our area school, Taroona aren't taking out of area enrolments, and we can't afford Friends.

Boost this if you want to be part of an explicitly anticapitalist technology liberation movement.

auspol, onlinesafety 

@daedalus Submission made! not sure how much use that is, both sides have pretty much ignored any public debate and done what they want anyway. But I suppose I'd better at least try

Oh noes. VLC went all web 3.0 and now is a horrible flat mess of unnavigable rubbish, with no simple way to just drag a bunch of music in and have it just play. I don't even know of an alternative these days, have been using VLC for so long....

Australians should be asking why abc.net.au isn't publishing their government funded content directly into the social cloud by way of ActivityPub protocols.

@emmadavidson @daedalus Fair enough, Quantum computing is fun, but not something I readily understand, there was a good two from a Linux conf, will see if I can dig it up again!

@daedalus @emmadavidson I feel like this might be some good reading for you Emma: github.com/AusOpenTech/makingA

Quantum is an exciting issue, but gov policy, at least in the eyes of experts, has a long way to go before worrying about its effects.

Currently running debian testing, debian 10 that I had in the MacBook doesn't do a lot of stuff, 5.10 kernel has the required bits!

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New tool, a ThinkPad X1 carbon after my old MacBook air stopped reliably waking. Suitably personalised for a beginning!

What is your choice if you leave #CentOS?

Please help me share.

:redhat: :centos: :clearos: :rockylinux: :fedora:

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #GNU #Linux

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