mh (-) 

I guess that means I've given up? I dunno, but my sympathies and solidarity!

mh (-) 

@daedalus same, though it's not a recent thing for me. Hence moving to a small community and learning to grow things.


@thegibson I might be being a bit dense, but is defederating going to Settings -> Moderation -> Federation -> Add domain block and filling out the necssary bits?

And is there an inverse? Like, please accept all posts from a domain and display on federated timeline?

Poor attempt at linux humour 

Why is this neofetch a thing, do people not read dmesg anymore‽

@sunbather But like you, I think that basic HTML5 + CSS, and without JS can produce much nicer documents, hyperlinks are actually a great invention, as are inline images.

Really nice websites can be built with less than 512k of HTML and CSS:

@sunbather I started messing around with it a year or so ago.

I kind of liked the idea that just about anyone could implementa client or server in a weekend (well, modulo libraries etc).

I do like the markdown-like syntax, but also think it's just a bit too limiting.

I do like that a lot of smart people blog in the gemini space, lots of good reading.

I really like using Lagrange, it's a lovely client.

gemini:// is fun :)

Fedi probably isn’t representative of the general population, but: do you have a collection of TV series downloaded locally that you watch?

@mattcen thanks Matt, I'll have a go at putting some slides in to that tonight! My talk was accepted to the sysadmin mini conf, and LCA is in right as I'm moving house, so that'll be fun!

is deck.js still OK for writing presentation notes? It's been a while since I've done a proper presentation!

Eeeep! My talk idea has been accepted. Now I actually have to turn that idea into an actual presentation...

@requiem Awesome, thanks! I have finally got around to looking at this, and had some minor kerfuffling for debian11 building. Patch at

Have also futzed about getting my vcards into CSV with

Was there a better way of dealing with vCards and palm?

Advertising, family business plug is my sister in law's company that launched today, providing carbon positive dog food from black soldier fly larvae, lots of work has gone in to getting here! I think only shipping to AU at the moment.

@requiem Like yours, it decided to turn on at some point after 3.75v after I decided to put it back together again.

Next to figure out syncing, from memory, that was always a bit of a crapshoot on linux!

@requiem well, batterie's gone from 3.68 to 3.72v over the last hour on USB, will see how it goes!

@requiem found my old zire m150, doesn't seem to charge via USB, do I need to find the old plugpack? Been a long time since I used it.

well, proposal submitted, going through my learnings around

May be a bit of a shitfight as I'm moving house the week before the conerence!

whoops, mail server was not set correctly and was failing SPF checks when receiving from my backup MX, which caused a number of incorrect bounces. <s>This is why upgrades are bad! Debian 11 changed the default SPF config and email broke</s>

A productive weekend finishing up my filter holder. Oak from a sapling I bought at around age 10, which grew at my folks until a few years ago when it got too big, and some spotted gum leftovers from axe handling making. Very pleased!

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