Had a bit of weather yesterday, which has caused a number of power outages over the last 24 hours, shown by proxy in my NTP Pool scores!

arrived! Pretty slick device, the default Android install works reasonably well, now to get my dev environment going and port over fbreader!


Second roast on the behmor. Is a bit better than my 10 year old janky corretto setup!

Poor attempt at linux humour 

Why is this neofetch a thing, do people not read dmesg anymore‽

A productive weekend finishing up my filter holder. Oak from a sapling I bought at around age 10, which grew at my folks until a few years ago when it got too big, and some spotted gum leftovers from axe handling making. Very pleased!

New tool, a ThinkPad X1 carbon after my old MacBook air stopped reliably waking. Suitably personalised for a beginning!

New music day! The Avalanches - We Will Always love You. Will be listening tonight!

*grump* why is my mastodon not showing the boost icon? Chrome, Firefox and Edge don't show it, but it seems to be sent? as an inline SVG? Very strange.

First 2kgs of honey for the spring! Hives are going well, two recovering from swarming last month have eggs and grubs, so the new queens mated. On track for hopefully another 10kgs by the end of summer

Think if had enough of keyboard building for a while. Finished up the Zealios V2 65g one with purple caps today.

Kailh box whites and alpherior keys abyssal in my first completed .io . Lots of fun to build.

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