Any Gemini users care to share their experiences / what you like about it?

I want to like it, but can’t shake the feeling that just generating basic html using *almost anything* would be more accessible and expressive.

@sunbather I started messing around with it a year or so ago.

I kind of liked the idea that just about anyone could implementa client or server in a weekend (well, modulo libraries etc).

I do like the markdown-like syntax, but also think it's just a bit too limiting.

I do like that a lot of smart people blog in the gemini space, lots of good reading.

I really like using Lagrange, it's a lovely client.

gemini:// is fun :)


@sunbather But like you, I think that basic HTML5 + CSS, and without JS can produce much nicer documents, hyperlinks are actually a great invention, as are inline images.

Really nice websites can be built with less than 512k of HTML and CSS:

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