@requiem found my old zire m150, doesn't seem to charge via USB, do I need to find the old plugpack? Been a long time since I used it.

@pwarren afaik the M150 doesn’t charge over USB so you’ll need the cord. It’s 5vdc @300mAh, center positive but I’m not sure about the plug dimensions.

@requiem well, batterie's gone from 3.68 to 3.72v over the last hour on USB, will see how it goes!

@pwarren cool, let me know what happens, it would be awesome to not need the brick!


@requiem Like yours, it decided to turn on at some point after 3.75v after I decided to put it back together again.

Next to figure out syncing, from memory, that was always a bit of a crapshoot on linux!

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@pwarren I found a nice set of cli tools, they are no longer packaged and the old packages didn’t work, so I had to build them from source and there was a little fiddling, but I got it to work.

I forked the repo just in case it disappears and put some rough notes in as well:



I’ll be writing some wrappers around these to automate the process once I settle on exactly how I want it all to work 🤣

@requiem Awesome, thanks! I have finally got around to looking at this, and had some minor kerfuffling for debian11 building. Patch at pwarren.id.au/misc/pilot-link-

Have also futzed about getting my vcards into CSV with github.com/nbeaver/vcard2csv.g

Was there a better way of dealing with vCards and palm?

@pwarren nice!

I haven’t gotten that far. Any vCard data I have is such a mess I’ll be re-entering everything manually anyway.

Fortunately most of my data got lost by my phone so it won’t take too long 🤣

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