Two musical discoveries at widely different ends of music this week. The HU, mongolian metal, and BlackPink, k-pop. Both lots of fun to listen to :)

Microsoft is so insidious... they're worming their way into every major language community and are doing their absolute best to ingratiate themselves with the FOSS community while they continue to destroy computing for consumers

Some more boards soldered and tested. Very Zen, but next project will definitely be wave soldered SMT!

Fully lubed up stabalizers and my first go at hand coiling a USB cable. Stabilized keys sound sooo much nicer!

I'll be good till the stuff comes in :)

I have a bunch of extra boards, thinking of adding diodes and arduinos and selling as a kit, the costs are certainly adding up faster than I'd thought! But still should be a fun project!

KBD75 is absolutely a joy to type on! But now I know why people lube the stabilizers, mine are very rattley. Will get some lube from jaycar on Friday and attempt to apply to an already soldered board over the weekend 🤦‍♀️

Hey everyone, Sharesies is hiring a few intermediate / senior devs. I would LOVE IT if you applied. If you're thinking about it but you're not sure for any reason, don't hesitate to reach out with questions! Apply here

And it's all together, now to build my custom layout with the wonderful qmk firmware a great free software project.

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Hot take: We should aim for 'decentralized' networks that are simple enough that they can be understood and improved by lots of people.

The 'fully distributed, but only fully understood by a few people' pattern is unsustainable and tends toward a society where software developers are not representative of software users.

matrix-synapse server upgraded! Should now be actually able to accept federated invites...

gemini:// is a thing now! for more info on the gemini protocol

My git projects now have the default branch of 'main'.

Aaand kbdfans shipping notification says my keyboard is in Australia!

I had an idea for an ephemeral public message space on , but then I thought about how to deal with brigading, hate speech, moderation. perhaps it's not a good idea after all

"It's not even about George Floyd anymore."

Yeah, no kidding.

Don't beat protesters. Don't shoot reporters. Don't arrest journalists. Don't trample people with horses. Don't aim rubber bullets at the face. Don't tear gas entire neighborhoods. Don't violate people's rights.

So many basic tenets of policing being called into question again. And to think it all started with a simple request. Stop killing black people. Seems pretty reasonable to me, but the police declined. Now their every action is recorded and examined, they're covered in investigations from every angle, years worth of prior abuses are being dug up again, a larger than ever portion of the population hates them, and even elected officials, not just activists, are talking about defunding departments. Was it worth it?

Only way to end civil disorder is to pay us more overtime says agency responsible for causing the disorder.

:( why is my boost button missing! same on both firefox and chrome from windows and linux. Tusky on android seems to be fine.

"So they're allowed to riot and I'm not allowed to shoot them?"

Yes, pretty much but it's 7am, I'm still working through my first coffee and I don't have the energy to deliver a lecture on just how supremely racist both the US and Australia are and what that actually means.

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Well, I just spent more on a single keyboard just now than I've spent on input devices over the last few decades of computer use combined....

Why did I have to discover proper mechanical switch keyboards when there's next to no stock of anything!

black aluminiuim KBD75 with aliaz 60g, Maxxkeys Grey&Blue keycaps and some screw in stabilizers. Phew.

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